• Annie Niro-Naar

    Owner/Instructor is a Certified Power Plate Instructor and a Pilates Teacher. Annie has been around Pilates through an affiliation or as an owner for over ten Years. Having been convinced that Pilates is the best mind body Fitness available, she was determined to be involved full time to that endeavor. Annie is also proud to bring to the region a space age fitness program with Power Plate.

    Annie is determined to ensure personally that your Pilates Experience will be the most rewarding. 

  • Bianca de Azevedo

    Holds a Bachelor of Science Degreee in Physical Education and Physical Therapy. In addition to 6 years experience in teaching Pilates, sheis a Physical Therapist and a personal trainer. She holds a Pilates Certification from PhysicalMind Institute. She is a confident Instructor, with a level of competence that generates much enthusiasm among her followers.

  • Christine Thomas

    Is certified in both classical Pilates and Power Plate. A warm, personal and caring instructor, she has developed a loyal group of enthusiastic followers. She comes to us from Caracas Venezuela. After rigorous Training in Ballet, she embraced Pilates as a fundamental component of her physical training and teaching, Featuring 12 years experience in teaching and coaching. Christine dances professionally and can be seen around town in performances such as the Nut Cracker, Don Quixote, Romeo & Juliet.

  • Lauren Mavica

    Lauren has six years of experience in practicing and teaching Pilates. She has had the privilege of being exposed to numerous styles of exercise and movement, and loves the transforming effects that Pilates has on both the body and mind. Curious about the various interpretations of the work, Lauren has spent the last six years "putting together the Pilates puzzle" by taking classes and workshops in many methods to develop a comprehensive understanding of Joseph Pilates' mission.