Lauren Mavica

Lauren has six years of experience in practicing and teaching Pilates. She has had the privilege of being exposed to numerous styles of exercise and movement, and loves the transforming effects that Pilates has on both the body and mind. Curious about the various interpretations of the work, Lauren has spent the last six years "putting together the Pilates puzzle" by taking classes and workshops in many methods to develop a comprehensive understanding of Joseph Pilates' mission. She has developed a unique teaching methodology by incorporating her experience with tough and challenging but rewarding workouts. Lauren considers Pilates her playtime. Yes, it is a workout but discovering the joy of new movement and creating a more powerful, flexible body can be quite invigorating - clients leave with more energy, not less!

Committed to growth of body and mind, Lauren is pursuing a PhD. in Experimental Psychology at Florida Atlantic University and in her free time, she can be found taking all kinds of boxing and fitness classes and is happiest when she is spending time with her husband and family.