Wellness & Motion Pilates presents the Pilates Teacher Certificate Program with classes forming regularly. Please contact for the latest class schedule.

This program will train future Pilates Instructors with the most complete, well rounded, form of Pilates fitness, classical as Joseph Pilates envisioned it, but also encompassing all the evolution and knowledge that has evolved since his passing in 1967.

Pilates Teacher Certificate

Wellness & Motion Pilates aims to instill in its teaching Philosophy, the total wellness of Mind and Body fitness by the means of Pilates as a primary vehicle. The student training program will feature extensive hands on practical experience and the full Wellness & Motion Pilates Studio, with all its apparatus, will be available to the student. The Certified instructor will be competent not only in the complete classical method, but he or she will be fully aware of the customer physical issues, through a rigorous assessment method, utilizing Pilates exercises most efficaciously. He will be knowledgeable in the anatomy of movement, elements of Pilates for sports and elements of Therapy, Nutrition and Diet counseling. The Wellness & Motion Pilates certified instructor will possess skills that will make him immediately productive to most hiring studios, such as customer management using MindBodyOnLine management software, concepts of sales and marketing, customer support and retention.