Pilates for Tennis

Tennis is a sport that involves dynamic of both flexibility and strength. In addition, muscular endurance is needed for longer matches. Pilates exercise, along with regular cardio-vascular work, will give you that extra edge on the court. Pilates assessment and instruction, customized to address individual needs and goals, will help you increase:

Abdominal strength to hit the ball
Shoulder and arms to improve serve velocity
Improve flexibility to reach long shots
Improve balance for quick change of direction
Improve upper and lower body power and endurance
Correct imbalances that can cause faulty compensation for the stronger side
Keeping your core and stability muscles strong will increase the power behind your serves and returns, gives your explosives legs strength, and the endurance you need to perform your best throughout the match. Pilates instruction will be tailored to fit individual needs of each client. A program will be designed for you that includes equipment and/or mat bases exercises. Give us a call for a free trail.

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